‘Not’ so long ago …
There was a small mechanical workshop.

They did good work and worked long hours.

Being a new business, every dollar they made, they re-invested back into the business.

Then one day, they suddenly lost their BIGGEST client (over 40% of their total business – gone overnight!)
Most businesses would have ‘folded’ and ‘gone under’. In fact, many other mechanical workshops … did just that.

They had to reach deep down inside and fight for every single dollar to keep their little workshop afloat.

And fight they did!
Very early mornings, too many late nights when everyone else was home with their families,
they worked into the long into the cold lonely night hours.

You see, this small mechanical workshop had a VISION! And that ‘vision’ was much bigger than any problems they faced.

They didn’t want to be just like any other ‘mechanical workshop’.
No … they believed they were ‘special’! And they were.

And they wanted their customers to feel ‘special’. And they did.
So much so, that their customers told their family and friends about this ‘unique’ mechanical workshop
that was unlike any other mechanical workshop they’d ever seen … and they came!

And they kept coming back. And they kept telling others.

And this ‘once small’ mechanical workshop started to ‘turn heads’ and get noticed by their competitors and suppliers.
Their team numbers grew steadily so then they could provide even better service to their happy customers.

They won prestigious industry awards and became renowned for their exceptional customer service,
genuine care and unrivalled second-to-none workmanship.

And as Newman Mechanical continue to move closer to their VISION, it’s important to remember where they came from.

Newman Mechanical is NOT an ‘ordinary’ workshop. Dean & Stacey are NOT ‘ordinary’ business owners.

If you’re a customer of Newman Mechanical … please know that you are NOT ‘ordinary’ to us.

You deserve (and can expect) …
our absolute highest attention to the even smallest detail on your vehicle,
genuine old fashioned pride in our workmanship and most importantly … know that we
genuinely care about you and the overall performance and safety of your vehicle.

We want to thank you for the privilege and honour to properly service your vehicle
and ensure the motoring safety of you and your family.

And if you are fortunate enough to be part of the Newman Mechanical team,
then YOU are not in any way, shape or form … ‘ordinary’.
You do NOT do ‘ordinary’ workmanship. You do NOT take short cuts. You do NOT give ‘ordinary’ service.

With every customer, with every job, with every seemingly ‘small act’, you strive to excel and be the very best YOU, you can be!
Because that’s what the Newman Mechanical team has been doing … from day one!

And will continue to do every day … with every single customer!

It’s in the Newman Mechanical DNA.
It’s what we do. It’s who we are.
And it’s what we’re known for.

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